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Welcome to cold_fiction, a direct off-shoot of my personal journal cold_queen_5. This is a place to find all of the fanfiction I've published on livejournal. I've written fanfiction in over twenty fandoms, across four genres, in different formats. Drabbles, one-shots, multi-chapters in television, cartoons, books, and comic fandoms. For those of you that like to read my fanfiction in more than one genre, this is the place to watch.

I participate in several fanfiction challenge/contests, I pimp...

The fanfictions are labeled for the various challenges and I encourage any and everyone to participate in the challenges. They're an excellent way to better the quality of your writing and to challenge yourself. Participation is not mandatory at any of them so you can pick and choose which challenges you want to write for, depending on muse and time. (The exception being the Last Author Standing competition.)

My longer fanfiction, the stories that are fifteen chapters or longer, are not archived here. That fanfiction can be found on fanfiction.net (hey, no sneering, it's a crappy site, but it has a wide fanbase!) under my profile coldqueen.

I don't know how many more fandoms I'm going to throw myself into, but I hope you all enjoy the ones I've jumped into so far.


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PS Much of this fic has been posted before on fanfiction.net. They are un-beta'ed so I am aware there are typos, spelling, and grammar problems. I am working on it. Thank you for your patience.

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